Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hesitating once, twice, and blog !

hey there,

My name is Lital, I am 27, and I have been playing with the idea of blogging for a long time.
I even thought of a name during this week, until the urge got the best of me and I just sat down, and, well, just started my own blog !

In here, I will write about the things that interest me, hoping to make it interesting for you guys, the readers.

A few basic facts on me: I live in Israel, have been married for two years now to my dear husband (who should be named hereinafter "the husband".
I like to eat, especially desserts (hence, the blog's name). I studied economy for my B.A. in Israel's Institute of Technology and have recently graduated an International Executive MBA program in the Haifa University.

Not-so-basic facts:
1. I LOVE everything with the country of Japan and its culture- traveling there 15 months ago was a dream come true
2. I am seriously addicted to watching "the amazing race". I watched all 19 seasons of it. the first 15 I finished watching in a mere few months. Would LOVE to do one.
3. Other addictions:  Nigella Lawson's cooking shows- that woman is truly AMAZING, and I would heart to have dinner at her place (I like her cooking !)
4. I love Studio Ghibli's animation movies (of course, the fact that this is a Japanese studio really helps), especially Totoro, "the keeper of the forest', that was first introduced in the movie "My neighbor Totoro".

I can assure you that I have other quirky features under my belt, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The picture above was taken in the Philosophers' Path in Kyoto, Japan, during the famous Sakura ("Cherry Blossom") season of 2010 (a year before the horrifying earthquake and tsunami)

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