Saturday, August 6, 2011

So why am I doing this?


Why did I start to blog? What am I looking to get out of it?
These are questions that i found myself struggling with before starting this blog. I mean, who would want to read about the stuff that interest me? Who would 'dig' the weird combination of topics that truly me make me "pop"?

Honestly, I have always loved to write and  read, so i was always playing with the idea of writing a book or a story or something like that. However, having no concept for a 'full' book, blogging looked like the easier option. Heck, I'll just write of whatever gets me going, in the hope that other people would like to follow.

Second, I have been a follower of several blogs in the last year, and I have grown quite attached to them. They are the first tabs that I open in my work computer when I get in the office every morning, and I like to re-visit them during the day. I started with Tina, continued with Kath, and Caitlin, and i like to occasionally check-up on Angela and Mama Pea's.

Third, having to blog/report of my daily activities and thoughts will sort of push me to change me a bit in a positive way. I mean, for those instances in which I debate whether to go out for a walk/ run, knowing I will write about it will drive me through the door. Blame it on social approval, but if it helps me to keep motivated, it is a very good thing.

Time will tell if some, or all, of my wishes would come true.

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