Sunday, January 15, 2012

New year resolutions

Ok, i know i am a bit behind, but it is never too late for some new year resolutions, right?

Ok, i hereby declare on my resolutions:
1. write more. Which is why i started a blog in the first place. Plus, now that i joined modern times and got myself a smartphone, i really ran out of excuees.
2. Get my running bug back on. I now noatalgically remember the last summer, when i ran almost every night and was probably in the best shape i have ever been. Sigh :-)
3. Start practicing yoga. Serious practice. I know within me that i could really "dig" yoga, but for some reason i never did take on ot seriously.
4. Last but truly not least: gain better balance of home, work, family, friends and self.

i read a post today in the blog "no meat athlete" (BTW, grat blog- check it out) on new year resolutions. In his post, matt really bashes.  the "educated" way of goal setting. You know, goals should be "SMART" and whatever. He says that you should set goals that get you butterflies and that will get you going.

I promise to update on my progress. I can say i am off to a good start: this post was written at the end of a walk/ jog.

I jusr hope i dont have any typos. I hate typod.

Happy 2012, y'all !!

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