Monday, January 23, 2012

What I Learned from my MBA

In October 2011, I celebrated my 28 birthday and my release from an MBA program and a full time job regimen.

I took one of those programs with the "back to back" semesters that allows you to keep your full time job and get it all done under two years. Sounds pretty neat, right? You study on Thursdays until late at night and on Fridays mornings. Which basically means you are dooming yourself to a life without weekends and a full "head on" neglect of your family and loved ones.

Yeah, but you learn new stuff and develop both personally and professionally, no?
Na, not quite. I googled a lot so my googling skils have improved considerably. Other than that I used to focus on youtubing travel videos, reading recipes, envily following up on personal stories from runners' world (while feeling oh so sorry for myself) and when the going gets hard (and it did. quicker than I would like to admit)- catch up on all the latest hollyeood.gossip. Especially fashion police items. I heart those.

But you learn from these prestigious professors who have both business and academic backgrounds.
Oyyyy. That's a painful topic. I only truly admired a very limited sample of whoever taught me. As for the rest, my facial expression and depth of sigh would be as if you asked me how my salary benefited from this.

So why the hell did you do it? For all of the practical and pragmatic reasons. Not that I recommend or unrecommend this experience. For me, it did very little professionally.

But every now and then, life throes a bone in your direction. For me, it was my classmates. We were an eclectic group but a real smile came up my face every time I came into class. One in particular kept me sane (and not hungry) throughout the whole MBA ordeal. I knew we would get along as we both simoltaneously said "that is SO 80's" at a picture in a slide in organizational behavior.

I am by no means saying that you should inflict an MBA stressful path upon yourself simply to find extra friends. But if you have chosen to do this to yourself (and your spouse, and your family and friends etc.) - at least know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Well, that and graduation.

P.S. If that fails to help, use foul words. I did. And a lot of them. True, it is not lady like. But, crap, it felt GOOD.

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